Terms & Conditions

Shipping time frames and terms

Shipping from a courier service provider. The packet will be wrapped properly from our side and it is expected that the shipping
company delivers it in the proper time. The maximum time of reach can be upto 15 days post to which the customer can cancel the order and full refund will be processed to him upon his cancellation request. Working offs , bank closing , holidays should be considered in the entire process of delivery.

Return processing

There is no item which is breakable or fragile. And the box is well packed inside a box. Thus return to the item cannot be entertained. The customer must confirm his item and only then should place the order. The customer can even voice call us or whatsapp or mail or place query regarding the item details after he is not convinced with the information furnished with the product displayed with details.

Conditions of use

The product is a religious item and shall be used for holy purposes.

Privacy disclaimers

We respect privacy aspects as mentioned in privacy policy separately.
Payment terms and special fees
100 percent advance payment is required. No cash on delivery. Special fee applicable for gift boxes, wrapping gifts, decorating the parcel etc.


No liability of product damaged as there is nothing to be damaged. And no demand or penalty or damage charge can be imposed upon the varanasi rudraksh due to any instance which has occured in the entire process of online purchase to delivery.
Product descriptions
The product is not fragile. It is rudraksh. And it is well packed inside a box . It is a religious item.
Intellectual property
The logo, photos and descriptions are intellectual property of our brand and shall not be duplicated or used without permission.
Cancellation policies
Cancellation is only possible before courier of the product. Once the courier slip is generated the product cannot be cancelled. Generally, a product is set for parcel within 2 working days of order.


In case of any dispute , if the applicable jurisdiction is Varanasi court.